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why Baby ? can you tell me why it hurts so much to love you?sometimes youre so lovely and sometimes youre ignoring me completely.Very sad i will see you go , and i will be scared if i will see you again. why?youre feelings are hard to tell .. you tell me you love me but you never describe how you did once , is that just not enough for me or is it just new to me that you love in a diffrent way than others. When you pay attention it feels so good it feels so close it feels so deep and intimate but u can change to ice in a second. I was asked how could i love this? well my life was and is a rollercoaster ride and im still searching for the thrill. you are intense you are like fire like ice you got a huge energy around you that pulls me towards you . i never felt like this before i never loved like this before . you are so diffrent you are just one of a kind to love . youre personality is peacefull and a thunderstorm with tornados aswell. i never seen somebody like you before and i dont want to see somebody else i just want you with my heart and soul because i finally feel home in somebodys arms and that somebody is you ! Believe it or not but i love you from the heart !
24.10.16 22:44


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